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Window Fashions Natural and Efficient

by | Nov 1, 2014

When designing a well-appointed living space, one of the most important, but often-overlooked elements to consider are the window treatments. Beyond the aesthetic luxury that coverings bring, proper window treatments are also Energy Efficient and can provide a host of mental and physical health benefits.

With the discerning selection of construction materials, window treatments can be a long-lasting and sustainable home element that speaks to our desire to live “Green”, while also curating a well-designed living space. Custom blinds, shades, and curtains that are engineered to optimize the natural light in a room also reduce the need for artificial lighting, resulting in cost and energy savings.

Proper exposure to natural light can also have a profound effect on our physical and mental health. Appropriate filtration of sunlight through the use of window coverings not only ensures UV-ultraviolet protection within our homes, but can also elevate moods, increase energy and productivity, and has been known to improve blood circulation, accelerate wound healing, and assist in pain management.

But above all, window treatments provide the “finishing touch” to any room. From a functionality standpoint, coverings provide privacy, while also creating a sense of warmth, security, and comfort. Aesthetically, blinds, shades, and curtains can help dictate the overall look of a room. They infuse a space with color, sophistication, and a defined style that all contribute to a finished space.

Simply put, a room without proper window treatments is simply incomplete.


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