Create a beautifully rustic room with furnishings inspired by the sensational tv series!

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Montgomery’s is the area’s exclusive seller of the Yellowstone Dutton Collection. All pieces are available for order in our showrooms.

In the Yellowstone Collection, Dutton exemplifies the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. These pieces are made of naturally textured timber, which has survived for more than 150 years and still lives in the furniture. Not only are these pieces unique in design, but each board’s nail holes and flaws also have a history and story. This wood has allowed and continues to enable the American dream, from the ranchers who have entered and exited its former structures to the skilled artisans who have transformed it into timeless furniture. A piece of American history can be yours by owning a Dutton piece of furniture crafted from reclaimed barn wood and proudly made by hand in the heart of America.