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Eclectic Contemporary

In this new Sioux Falls build the owners were able to showcase their eclectic style with the help of the Montgomery's design team. The main style that runs throughout is contemporary, with curved lines, bold colors, and open floor plan. With accent pieces in the...

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Refresh Your Space

Is your home calling for an update, but renovations are an investment in time and finances that you aren’t ready to take on? If this sounds familiar, skip the overwhelming project. Instead, refresh your space and breathe new life into your home with a fraction of the...

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Layered Living

Often the most appealing homes are the ones that are an extension of the owners personality. They are the houses full of collections that feel lived in comfortable and magazine shoot worthy without being forced or fake. The secret lies in styling with layers. Layering...

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Bunk House Retreat

Wittingly dubbed "The Bunkhouse" this one room hunters retreat offers all the amenities, there is no roughing it here. As you enter into the living room it quickly morphs into an entertainment reclining area with the sleeping quarters flanking the sitting area. The...

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Transitional Design

What is your style? Is traditional style a bit too formal? Is contemporary style a bit too harsh? Do you feel like you like something in the middle, elements of both but can’t put your finger on it? Transitional style is an alliance between traditional and...

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Traditional Glam Home Design

Just 10 minutes with Ms Rene and you'll understand why her home retreat includes a traditional style with glamorous details. Warm gold fills the rooms offering a feeling of livable opulence. The mirrored dining room table reflects a not only the stunning artwork, but...

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6 Benefits of Wool Flooring

With a long tradition as one of the most luxurious fibers for flooring, wool provides many benefits. Wool is stylish, sustainable, easy to clean, safe, strong and provides value to your home and life. Stylish The distinctive beauty of wool is of its natural affinity...

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Effortless Entertaining

The travel plans are set, menus prepared, and decorations ready, but is your dining room? While the essentials of a great gathering require nothing more than excellent food and company, a comfortable space should be at the top of the list. Before painting or...

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Contemporary Color

With two artists as the homeowners this home needed to offer an opportunity to highlight their work. Craftsman inspired with a contemporary twist elements from both designs are prominent. While all of the main furniture pieces, flooring, lighting, window fashions, and...

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Decorating in Threes

If there is such a thing as a “magic number” for assuring good visual design, it’s three. Artists and designers use visual elements in sets of three to help their compositions feel more harmonious. Left, center, right. Small, medium, large. It’s a series that’s...

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